New workshop: CRM – from the philosophy to the usable system

The KeTu Academy is now offering a new workshop:  the interactive presentation “CRM: sales success instead of data graveyard” is aimed at medium-sized companies which regard customer relationship management not only as a system, but also as a strategy and want to achieve competitive advantages as a result of this. Companies which plan to introduce a CRM system successfully. Companies which would like to optimise or develop their existing CRM system.


    • What does customer relationship management (CRM) mean?
    • What process levels does a CRM contain?
    • How are the relevant components of the CRM selected?
    • How is the software provider selected?


These and many other questions relating to the topic of CRM will be covered in the presentation – as always informatively, interactively and with a large amount of facts, information and criteria for decision-making to take away. Interested? There is further information here.

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